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  • Ideal for outdoor swimming
  • Air filled gasket, made from high quality silicone, provides a cushioned seal that reduces marking around the eye
  • Includes 2 interchangeable nose bridges. Large is pre-installed on the google. Small & Medium sizes are included in the package if you wish to change the fitting.
  • Double Band head strap made from high quality silicone reduces pressure around the eyes
  • Anti-fog lenses for extra moisture control and clarity of vision
  • Maximum UV protection blocks 99-100% of sun’s harmful UV rays
  • CLT – Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Fina Approved

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Welcome to the Fusion Air Titanium Goggle. Featuring Air Cushion Technology for a super soft and contoured fit. The soft silicone gaskets are filled with AIR to create a spring like effect without compromising its structure or seal around the eyes. The air cushioning reduces marks around the eye, for an «almost on there» feel.

Titanium mirror lenses eliminate 97% of infrared rays heavily reducing glare. It also processes the rays of the blue light spectrum enhancing colour and focusing.

in various tints provide added protection from reflected light. These swimming goggles come with interchangeable nose bridges for a customized fit. The Anti-fog lenses provide extra moisture control and clarity of vision whilst swimming. CLT – Curved Lens Technology offers 180-degree peripheral vision.


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